Friday, 19 August 2011

Exmoor run July 10th 2011

This run started in Bampton at the Blackberries, a good number and variety of machines turned up, it was good to see Alan with the Morgan. Chris had his gearbox out so had to borrow a japanese m/bike for the day which proved a problem for him!.
The run was very good, a stop was made at Horner and here Chris had a fuel problem on his borrowed bike, we also set off without 2 riders due to a mix up on numbers coming out of the car park so apologies had to be made for that. Chris came to a stop a few miles after Horner and so it was left to Maurice to lead the run back to Brendas for the usual excellent feast to finish the day.
Chris' BMW is now back on the road so he is back in action and Mike has shown him where the petrol goes in his borrowed bike.