Monday, 8 October 2012

Midweek run Oct 3rd

It was unfortunate that the VMCC magazine did not arrive as is usual at the beginning of the month as it contained details of a midweek run starting at the cabin at 11am. This was a new idea to give everyone a chance to have a short run on a Wednesday before they would normally go to the cabin. 9 people did turn up however and so the run went ahead lead by Ray with myself and Chris at the rear. Ray lead us back to Witheridge and through Thelbridge to Morchard, Black Dog then back through Witheridge to the cabin. The weather remained dry for the run though the roads were a bit soggy in places. Everyone who came said that they really enjoyed it so this may become an idea to carry forward so watch this space!. Thanks to Ray for the run, see you at Creditons Tesco on Sunday for Brians Autumn run.