Sunday, 5 January 2014

New years run 5th Jan 2014

This run did not take place for safety reasons, this decision was based on two main facts: firstly, Rod, ( who's run it was ), revisited the route on Saturday morning following quite a few days of rain and gales, he found the route to be suffering from excess water, and mud and grit running off fields and gateways, secondly, frost was forecast for the morning and more rain and gales were due from 0900, members of the committee were consulted and the decision was made to cancel. This is only the second time in some years that a run has reluctantly had to be cancelled and it is not taken lightly so let's hope the rest of the year is better. Five committee members rang around on Saturday evening to inform as many people as possible and then turned up on Sunday morning at the start to advise anyone ( just 2 ), who turned up.
Our club night this month is on Jan. 16th where we will show the film ' the worlds fastest Indian ', so come along and see it for the first time or see it again.