Sunday, 13 March 2016

Spring run 2016

25 riders turned up at the Corn Dolly in South Molton on Sunday 13th March for the sections first run of the year, The Spring run. The weather was fine and sunny but quite cold to start, however, good weather was promissed all day and this turned out to be correct. The run was really Mikes to organise and lead but due to his wife's illness, he asked if someone else could take over which Ray and I agreed to do. It was good to see Stan out on his Enfield, this was the first time for some while, also good to see Jack who came to see us off. After an excellent few cups of coffee, a briefing from myself as leader and Ray and Chris agreeing to be the back markers, we were off dead on time at 1100. I lead the run south out of South Molton, before turning off on the road to Twitchen. It's always difficult at this time of year to settle on a route a week ahead of the run as no-one can be absolutely sure how cold it will be or even if poor weather will have to be contended with, so we set a modest 50 miles on reasonable roads just in case. The route took us over the lower moor to Withypool and then on to the lunch stop at the Rest and be Thankful in Wheddon Cross where we are always well looked after. On arrival at the lunch stop, I learnt that Ray had suffered a non starting Ariel back at South Molton so we travelled the morning route with only 1 back marker, also at this point, Chris became unwell and set off back home with Mike agreeing to ride with him to ensure he was ok, I had to ask Ian at this point if he would agree to don the back marker vest for the afternoon run which he did, thanks Ian.
The afternoon saw us return to the Corn Dolly via Exbridge East Anstey and the cabin without further misshap, here we saw Ray, who had been taken back home by Jack where he had picked up his trailer, Keith and I helped him load the Ariel once we located which house Ray had hidden it in!.
Unforunately, on the run home from the lunch stop, Chris had a problem with his BMW which resulted in him having to call out the breakdown folks for a lift home. Now don't forget the AGM on Thursday, we do need members to come and show interest in what the section gets up to maybe even offer ideas or even become a committee member.
Jqack comes to see us off

25 bikes take over the town

on both sides of the road

eager beavers for the run back

the car park was really full