Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Evening meet 190617

getting ready to change pubs

pulling out 

I get a thumbs up

Enfield mounted today then

Mike guns the velo

Dermot on his Ariel

Roy opens up

we gather at an open pub

thought it might be Chris coming late

12 riders arrived at the Exeter Inn Chittlehamholt on Monday evening just as we have done for a few years now only to find that the pub does not now open on a Monday. The first 4 of us were met by a kindly neighbour who insisted on making us a cup of tea but he had only 5 cups so we had a discussion which resulted in a change of venue for the evening to the Bell at Chittlehampton. Decision made, 8 riders, who were not drinking tea, set off for the Bell, we four followed as soon as the tea could be drunk.There then followed a pleasant evening on the outside tables where the usual serious array of world correcting conversations took place. The only misshap of the evening occured when my petrol tank cap fell off in Chawleigh and despite four of us searching for 15 minutes it could not be found!. Next run will be the Girder run this Sunday from Rays place Cherry Garden Cottage, this run will be open to all bikes prior to 1960 as well as girders.