Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Relay rally May 6th 2018

we arrive at Honiton checkpoint

Rodney and Carol arrive
 I have always believed that an editor has a certain amount of leeway when deciding what is written in order to keep any embarrassment reflecting on himself, however, I cannot really get away with this breakdown which befell me on the relay rally as I had 2 section members following me through the checkpoints and therefore 'saw it all'. My 650 Triumph overheated and stopped, Ray kindly went back to get his trailer and with Richards help, it was loaded and returned to Tiverton.
I understand that Dermot had 16 riders check in at Abbotsham but haven't yet raised Keith to find out how many came to Bickleigh. Whilst it was very hot for us in mid devon, Dermot tells me that it was very cool with a mist up north.
Don't forget the scrumpy run this Sunday starting at Mullacott cross this year.
Richard insists the blog must be written!

who needs the AA when Ray provides the trailer