Saturday, 20 October 2018

Club night 181018

There was a great evening at the Town Arms on Thursday when Keith ran one of his observation nights, I did say to him on the way up that I had a good idea now what he will be looking for and he would have some difficulty this time catching me out but I was stumped when he asked how many holes there were in the front wheel spokes of a Honda!!. Nevertheless, it was Ray and I who picked up the prize of a box of celebration sweets which we passed around so no one could say they didn't get something, a good night again thanks Keith.
Next Months club night will be a talk by Sue and Ivan Godfrey on cycling along the Rhine, I hope we can rely on a good turn out as it's embarrassing to have outsiders come to give us a talk if there are just a few members present so please come and bring your family members as it will be interesting to all.
Next run is our last for this year, it will be the Guy Fawkes run on the 4th November starting from Okehampton station, please come along.
If you haven't yet booked for the club dinner then do ring Chris to put your name down, the committee are subsidising this event this year by £3 dropping the cost to just £17 per person, the dinner will be at the Jubilee Inn on the B3227 this year.
You will no doubt be pleased to learn that the committee have been able to fill all the run dates for next year, thanks to all who volunteered to take runs whether committee members or not.