Sunday, 6 January 2019

Fish n chips 060119

what did you have for Christmas then?.

What?, not another motorbike!.

orders please, sorry no turkey.

everyone listens to Dermot in full swing.

27 Devon section members and families attended our first meet of 2019 which was the ever popular fish and chips at the Welcome fryer in South Molton. The venue had opened especially for us and did us proud, there was a full menu with some having salad and at least one vegetarian curry, but most having fish and chips to dispel the taste of turkey.
Good to see Richard there and our newest members, the fryer does not normally open on a Sunday but they did so just for us.
A range of talking points were discussed with even the standard slipping at the top of the table when stories about enemas were relayed, ( fortunately after the food had been eaten! ).
It was clear that families had a lot of contact over the Christmas period which is as it should be of course.
Some concerns were raised about the Christmas dinner venue, this will be explored at the next committee meeting, if you have any strong views on the subject, please talk it over with a committee member and it will be raised.
Now our first run this year is on March 10th from the Corn Dolly, it will not be a long run due to the time of year, Ray is in charge but he will rope me in to help and probably lead so see you there folks.