Sunday, 5 January 2020

Fish n chips 05012020

Well our first calendar date for 2020 was well attended as 22 people turned up at the Welcome Fryer in South Molton for our now regular first meet of the year fish and chips meal together.
It was nice to see Rosemary and Stan there following Rosemary's short stay in the hospital and Stan's various problems, also to learn that we are to have a Bantam in our midst for this years runs.
As usual, the chatter of Christmas goings on filled the air up at our end of the table so I made my way to t'other end where I was informed that the 'scintillating' conversations were taking place!, only to find it was much the same.
A great meal was served to us as per usual and very enjoyable following all the Turkey.
Our first run this year will not be until 20th April where we will meet at the Corn Dolly in South Molton for the usual 11am start.
Eagerly awaiting the meals

the 'scintillating' end of the table