Tuesday, 15 September 2020

End of summer run 130920

 Whilst Steve and I rode to the start of this event in great weather, I could not go further due to a recent back injury, so Ian has supplied this write up of his run :

We had an attendance of 9 potential riders but thereon it became that of a diminishing numbers ride. Two retuned home at the start (sorry for you Gordon), one decided not to follow the planned route, another broke down, another got fed up waiting for the back marker (Chris). After 40 minutes wait we then lost Chris, went back to look for him but no luck. The remaining three proceeded to the intended lunch stop and met up with Chris. The four of us then continued but another went home on the way back to the finish at Torrington, where the remaining three of us enjoyed a well deserved ice cream and then dispersed for home. After all this it was a lovely ride backed up with brilliant sunshine.

This ride may well be the last this year due to the new regulations which came in to play the next day, the committee will hopefully meet and sort out a programme for next year which will see us back to something like normal, watch this space.