Monday, 9 August 2021

Summer run 080821

Chris' faith in my piece of seaweed did work but not until the afternoon!. 11 riders turned up at Quince for this our 3rd run this year since the lockdown pressures eased, It was good to see new faces , one even a VMCC director so welcome. We did get to see an old Royal Blue coach loading up passengers for a day out. It was a slightly bedraggled group then that set off at 11am with Chris in the lead and Ian and I at the rear. Unfortunately, Richards Ducati decided to run out of sparks just as we turned off in the middle of Swimbridge which was a bit of good luck as just a few miles more would have seen him trying to get recovery from a very remote location well out in the countryside. Waiting with Richard 10 minutes or so saw us a bit behind the main group such that when we came to a T junction at the top of a long hill climb we were stuck when we found no marker at post. We took a right here, ( turns out we should have chosen left! ),which lead us on a a few miles to Brayford, again there was no marker so we wondered whether to turn back or head on to the lunch stop on our own steam, we chose the latter and followed Doug, ( thanks Doug ), passing through the annual Exmoor pony roundup on the way with vehicles parked all over the roads watching.
We had not been at the Blue Ball long before the rest of the run turned up and we could then catch up on the news of the mornings events.  A few of us had a very enjoyable meal and chat in the pub after which we set off for a dry afternoon and uneventful ride back to Quince.
Thanks to Chris for this 'Summer' ride which brings me to mention Septembers run, (12th ), which so far no-one has come forward to organise, please contact Chris or myself or put your hand up at the AGM which is on the 19th of the month. Now we have lost a number of long serving, involved members recently, so in order that we can keep this very good section going forward, we will need you all to come to the AGM and help if you can, we will need at least a treasurer and a few more people to sit on the committee, none of these jobs are hard and the more we get the lighter the load so I hope to see you there.