Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Fish and Chip meet

 Chris had received a few cancellations for attendance at this Sundays fish and chip meet, as a result we decided that he should Email everyone we have addresses for to find out how many would definately be attending, bearing in mind that the Welcome Fryer opens especially for us, we looked to bring upwards of 20 people such as we normally do. In the event, the replies led to only a firm attendance of less than 9 people, so sadly we have had to cancel the event. 

I am sorry that this our first event of the year has had to be cancelled, it seems that the current rise in covid cases due to the omicron variant must take a large part of the blame, Marilyn and I are isolating ourselves at the moment due to picking it up at a family Christmas up North, let's hope that the rest of 2022 follows a more reliable track.