Monday, 9 May 2022

Scrumpy run 080422


11 riders turned up in excellent weather at the Cook Island Inn at Mullacott cross for this our annual Scrumpy run. The run was to have been lead by our esteemed secretary Chris but as he is suffering the remaining effects of covid, it fell upon the capable hands of Andy to take over. Two new riders were evident, one a learner, but she proved quite capable throughout all the twists and turns that faced us during the day and should have no trouble taking her test next week, good luck gal!. 

The run set off at 1100 after a briefing from Andy with a warning of loose gravel around Combe Martin. All went well until one of our new riders on a hybrid machine, locked up its back wheel brake, he insisted he could sort it and would meet us at the Blue Ball which he did. After a very good meal at the pub where Andy decided on a vegetarian burger but when the waiter came he found himself saying 'steak and ale pie please!' ( I think he needed the meat for the afternoon run!). 
The afternoon run passed pleasantly enough with variations between main road and grass up the middle lanes to arrive back at Quince Honey farm to finish.

Many thanks again to Andy and to Nick who 'volunteered' to cover the back marker duties with me. Now, the next trip out is on the 18th at the Red Lion in Chumleigh from 1800 then the following evening is club night for burgers and skittles.