Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Cornwall section's Lands End Run

If you are looking for a good LONG run with fine scenery and weather to match, then the Cornwall Section's Lands End Run is for you.

Starting at Bodmin Station on June 7th the first bike leaves at 9.40am. The route winds its way to the north coast, which it then follows along to St Ives. Then its on via the northern road through Treen and St Just to Land's End.

The scenery is magnificent (second only to Devon, of course!) and a warm welcome awaits you with coffee at the Bodmin Station cafe.

The run is a long one of around 120 miles, but you can rest and recover during a lengthy lunch stop at the Portreath Arms Hotel after 78 miles.

I have taken part in this Run for the past two years and have entered again this year. You can appreciate how much I enjoy this run by the fact that I have a 50 mile trip to the start and a 100 mile ride home at the end. Other riders come from even further afield.

So if you fancy a good day out, entry forms can be had from: Stan Weston, telephone 01872 510478.