Friday, 27 January 2017

Club night January 19th 2017

Our first club meeting this year got off to a good start as 15 people turned up to watch a film that I had managed to borrow off a neighbour of mine, he had received a copy of Enduro India from a friend who had taken part in this event in 2006, Something like 400 to 500 people worldwide show an interest each year to take part in this event but they have to gather a fairly large amount of sponsorship to take part which whittles the final figure down to around 100 to 150 riders. The organisers give a substantial amount of the sponsor money to the Rainbow trust and other local charities. Each rider is given the use of a Royal Enfield Bullet for the duration of the run and there are some amusing scenes where the right and left foot being 'the wrong way around' gives some tricky moments, one rider lost his bike over the side of a goodly drop when he desperately tried to brake with his gear lever. The poor roads, bad driving and 'Delhi belly' resulted in a challenging week, but all eventually got through including some lasses who met all the challenges equally. The scenery and meets with the 'locals' were well recorded along the way, one rider took a Polaroid camera with which he took pictures of local people, the amazement on their faces as the picture was developed showed us just how far they all appear to be behind our expectation with technology. At the end of the week, it was clear to see that some very firm friendships had formed and all had taken great pleasure having successfully battled through, it was for no reason that its called ENDURO India.
Don't miss next months club night when we shall have Steve telling us how he and others drove an old fire engine from Tiverton to Romania, that will be on Feb 16th.
Now whilst I have your attention can I ask for some help on the day of the Scrumpy run which this year is 14th May, North Devon District Council have specified a number of Marshals at this event, now the committee can marshal 5 but a further 3 are required, any assistance would be much appreciated, thank you.