Friday, 17 February 2017

Club night 16th Feb 2017

We were treated at this months club night with a presentation by one of our own, ( Steve ), on his acquisition on behalf of the charity 'community action Romania' of an ex Devon fire and rescue engine and how he, together with Gelvin , a fire fighter from Tiverton, acquired equipment from various sources to fully kit up the vehicle, service and prepare it then drive it across the continent through France, Germany and Austria to Romania a distance of some 1700 miles. Once on site, there were only 3 days to train the local firemen before they had to leave for the trip home, we learnt how to make a dam from 3 ladder parts and how to adapt the English standpipe connectors to the different sized local ones, a very interesting talk, thanks Steve and Gelvin. Now don't forget we are now near to our first run this year so meet at the Corn Dolly on Sunday March 12th for the Spring run starting at the usual 1100, hope you can make it.
I have an urgent request to make folks, due to medical reasons, Keith, our treasurer, has to give up the role he has so ably looked after and so we are seeking someone who can take his place, please have a chat with Dermot or Chris if you feel you can help out, without a treasurer we are in a fix.