Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Evening meet 17th April 2017

The weather was very kind to us for this our first evening meet of 2017, tonights venue was the Sportsmans Inn at Sandyway on the edge of the moor, 9 riders made it to the pub from different parts of the county on a variety of machines, we were genuinely pleased to see that Dermot came on his Ariel after his unfortunate breakdown on the last run. The ride for us from Tiverton did mean riding almost due west for much of the way thus we were facing into the setting sun but this was a minor problem given such a lovely evening with great views on the way. Talk at the tables were the usual 'put the world to rights' subjects but also a mix of some tales from the past of a cautionary note. Ian had to leave early as he had brought his Norton without lights but it did sound great as he fired it up and set off on his way home. During our ride back to Tivvy over the lower moor, I saw a deer fairly close to the road watching us work our way to Withypool which was very quiet, very different from a day scene in the season height. As we dropped off the moor into Dulverton, the headlights just had to be on as it's mostly trees along the valley, in my mirrors it was easy to pick out the older bike as its headlight was far less bright.
Well now please don't
some happy motorcyclists at the Sportsmans

forget club night on Thursday where Daryl will give us a talk on Lawrence of Arabia, then on Saturday we have a fish and chips meet at the Welcome Fryer in South Molton at 7pm.