Sunday, 9 April 2017

April fools run 9th April 2017

It's clear that the Romans did not build the roads we went on today or if they did then they were inebriated at the time on Devon scrumpy!. 16 riders came to join Keith on his Spring run starting at the Rest and be Thankful at Wheddon cross, on the way, we came across Dermot who was seen stripping the tank off his mount to see if he could find out why it had come to an abrupt stop, there appeared to be no sparks so he elected to remain with it and urged me to continue, on arrival at the pub, Cyril kindly agreed to ride back down the road to assist.
After a cuppa and a briefing from Keith we set off with Chris and myself doing back marker duties. Keith lead us out of Wheddon cross on the Taunton road for a while before turning off to Gupworthy, turns right and left saw us heading to Watchet, Wiveliscombe and Bampton before coming across the Lutrow Inn where we turned off towards Skilgate and Petton. Now after Petton and Clayhanger we came across the twists and turns which Keith had warned us about in his briefing, in fact there were quite a few sets of these, had we been going downhill at the time I would almost have thought we had strayed on to a downhill ski course!.Finally however we did safely make it to Uplowman and our lunch stop at the Redwoods Inn where we were well looked after.
The afternoon route was through Tiverton and out on the Rackenford road before turning off towards Creacombe and Meshaw for the run to our destination at the Quince honey farm. It remains for me to thank Keith for todays route, to Chris for taking the rear spot with me and to commiserate with Dermot who did return home ok and has found out why he had no spark, I did suggest he bought a Triumph for future club runs but he feels that would not be a good idea though I can't think why!.
Our next outing will be an evening meet April 17th at the Sportsmans Inn for 7pm, please support these evening trips as they are a chance for the people who can't always make a Sunday run, a chance to get a ride out.
the bikes wait patiently

good weather made the day

tha mass of cars have now left

our lunch stop