Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Evening run 210817

enjoying the sunshine

taking over the outside tables

Dougs' family try to steal show with Fiat,
whilst Dermot explains why he now needs 4 cylinders!.

15 people turned up at the Mitre in Witheridge on Monday evening for this our last evening meet of the year, the weather was dry and sunny as you can see from the photos. Ian came on his 'let's wake up Witheridge' Norton, Dermot showed off his Nimbus which is now on the road, and Doug came with family in a very early Fiat 500 in very good order, so plenty to admire. After the meet, we were all invited to Ian's to look over his 67 Norton collection, at this point my ever faithful T90 decided it wouldn't start until I had stripped out the jets and cleaned them out!!. The ride a bike night last Thursday was very low in numbers due to holidays, sickness and other commitments but I'm sure we will do better on the next run which is on September 10th from Kirsty's kitchen in North Tawton, see you there folks.