Sunday, 8 April 2018

April fools run 8th April 2018

full up and resting

Good to see Ray back in the runs

Despite the bad weather forecast earlier in the week and the grey, misty, drizzly, and foggy start to the day, 17 riders turned out for this years April fools run starting at the Rest and be Thankful at Wheddon cross. This run should have been Keith's to organise and lead but due to him still recovering from surgery, ( get well soon mate ), a volunteer was called for, to take the run over at short notice, before I could stop him, Ray put up his hand thereby giving the job to us!, ( must sit closer to him next time so that I can kick him in the leg before he sticks his hand up! ).

A welcome was given to riders from Somerset, one from Wells, and after my pep talk at the beginning where I outlined the problems with the conditions Ray found with last years route and the need for me to quickly come up with a run on more major a road network, the run set off on time with Chris and Mike agreeing to be back marshals for the day. The road towards Taunton was taken for just a few miles before I turned off towards Dulverton on the lovely road that goes over the spine of the hills before dropping down towards Bury. No chance today of going through the Bury ford as it would surely be too swollen, so that was given a miss and we went on to Bampton. Once through Bampton, a turn was made on minor roads to Huntsham and eventually the Redwoods Inn in Uplowman.

We had been asked to arrive at or before 12 as the pub was expecting 60 people from the Rolls Royce club which we managed to do with some margin. The question as to whether there would be an afternoon run was answered unanimously when a dozen or so riders elected to continue so I led them out of Uplowman and turned off the road to Hockworthy, ( no Dermot not where you expected to hock some Rolls Royces' ). After that pass we went on to Bampton to pick up the old A361 towards South Molton. This road allowed us to open the bikes up a bit to give them a little free rein before arriving at the honey farm and the end of the run.
Thanks to Chris and Mike for back marshal duties and well done to Ray who stayed the whole course today so soon after his medical emergency just a few months ago.
Now can I remind you of the evening run on the 16th to the Sportsmans arms and fish and chips on the 21st, see you there folks.

no Maurice that isn't yours

we beat the RR club to the pub

The Redwoods Inn fits us in on a busy day