Tuesday, 3 April 2018

This Sundays April Fool run

Just a note to keep you informed about this coming Sundays April fool run.

Keith is still recovering from his operation and so Ray offered, ( I told him to sit on his hands ! ), to sort a run out, I found last years route which Ray ran around last Saturday, unfortunately he found the roads in a very bad state due to the water and mud and since rain is forecast from now until Sunday, it seems that we would find it the same or worse. The answer is that there will be a run but it is likely to be on more major a road network than planned so we ask that you bear this in mind if attending.

On a good point, the Rest and be Thankful has agreed to open up for us at 10.00 and the Redwoods Inn in Uplowman has agreed to have us providing we arrive early as they have 60 members of the Rolls Royce club coming for lunch later.

Hope to see you in person, ( in spirit doesn't count ).