Tuesday, 18 June 2019

evening run 170619

Dermot says he will be interested to see how I write up this eventful evening ride out to the Sportsmans Inn, well here goes.
I always look forward to these evening runs, they offer an opportunity to ride to a venue without the need to ride in a structured run and it was with this in mind that I pulled my Tiger 90 out of the garage in preparation, having put it on its side stand on the path, I took my phone out of my pocket to answer a call when out of the corner of my eye, I saw my bike keel over and crash to the ground as a result of the side stand mounting giving way. I told Steve, who was on the line, what had happened and he came straight round to help. It was obvious the T90 was not going anywhere that night so it was put back into the garage and the Honda came out.
We had an excellent run to the Sportsmans via Dulverton, Exmoor and Withypool only to find that it is now closed on a Monday!. We waited until 7.15 then set off for North Molton but within a mile came across Dermot and Cyril hastening toward the pub, we turned and met up with them at the pub when Roy turned up, we were now 5. After a conflab, it was decided to head to Molland with Roy leading. Unfortunately, in a couple of miles, Roy came down the bottom of a grass in the middle lane to be confronted by thick mud almost entirely across the lane, though travelling at slow speed, his front wheel slid and down he went. With Roy restarted, we progressed to a junction at which I was asked to take the lead as there were no obvious signs to Molland. I picked up the Molland road and all went well until I cruised past the next Molland turning and had to back up, when Steve turned his BMW he found his foot on the down side of a slope so also took a tipping!. After that Molland was reached but when the parking at the London Inn proved to leave a lot to be desired, the decision was made for me to lead on to the Black Cock where we finally, at last had our very enjoyable evening.
All was not lost however as the Black Cock said they would be quite willing to take a Sunday ride lunch which may well be factored in, they also stated that they could do a Christmas meal for the section and this will be considered with other venues at the next committee meet.
Next run will be the Girder fork run for all girders and pre 60 bikes then the Ron Ley run will follow  on the 14th July from the Northgate Inn at the Aller cross roundabout.
Oh dear it's closed!.

initially just we two

At last, the Black Cock
At last a well earned drink

muddy bikes but all in one piece