Monday, 15 July 2019

Ron Ley run 140719

15 riders and a 2 more in a car arrived at the Northgate Inn on Sunday for this years Ron Ley run, the weather was just right for the ride as it was to be dry , cloudy and a little cooler than of late. This run was mine to organise and lead, I had tried to choose a route which would encompass some areas of Exmoor in the morning and had intended to visit the three 'Nymptons' in the afternoon, unfortunately, due to road works, the afternoon run had to be adjusted so that we didn't actually visit the 'Nymptons' but travelled through Kings Nympton and and came close to Bishops Nympton and George Nympton.
The run set off on time after a briefing from yours truly and with Chris and Ian agreeing to do back marker duties. I led back through South Molton before turning off on the Rackenford road at Bish Mill, a few miles later we turned off on the Molland road which enabled the run to cross the A361 without actually doing so. a turn off the Bampton road led us to Oldways end and then toward Dulverton. After crossing the famous Marsh bridge, a turn left took us up on to the moor just short of the Tarr Steps turning. It was necessary to keep down to 40 mph as we crossed the moor as ponies and sheep are often dashing across in front of the unprepared rider.
A turn left took us to Withypool and back on to the lower moor to coast past the Sportsmans Arms then a turn left to Twitchen, here I had to wait a while for the run to catch up when I learned that Mikes Top box had parted company from his bike and had to be recovered by Ray and Margaret who will deliver it back to him on Wednesday at the cabin, just 2 more turns took us to Molland and on to the Blackcock Inn for lunch.
Now here we have an anomaly, whilst we had to wait for our meal some 40 minutes, some riders thought there's was a bad meal whilst Ray, Margaret and I thought it was good, just goes to show we are all different.
A few riders set off home here but 11 continued, we travelled across the B3227 and turned left on the Rackenford road until Batsworthy cross where we turned right toward Chumleigh, a turn off this road right took us toward and through Kings Nympton and on to meet the South Molton road just after it leaves the A377. Having been travelling at 40mph over the moor and through the lanes, I picked up the pace a touch to around 50 for which some people were grateful though of course that means the rear markers have to speed up more to keep up, however we all arrived safely back at the Northgate Inn for dispersal. My thanks to Chris and Ian riding as back markers and don't forget the evening run to the Anchor on the 22nd July.
 here are the riders getting ready

here the bikes enjoying the sun

lunch at the Blackcock Inn

early arrivers at lunch

lunch time

chat whilst waiting 

getting up energy for the PM ride