Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Evening run to The Anchor Inn 220719

The meet at the Anchor in Exebridge was our penultimate for 2019, where has the year gone?. 7 riders turned out on a lovely evening to meet at the Anchor, and to welcome us, the management had upgraded the rear garden area very tastefully I thought. As usual the evening conversations covered all current news and views as well as such tricky questions as to who may have been the best designer of motorcycles and their engines with different views expressed!. Fortunately there were no Harley riders in attendance this evening so the evening passed off with good humour being the mainstay.
A baby was with it's parents and family on the next table hooked up to a breathing tube, so I asked if they would like to move before we started up but the dad said that the baby was well used to the noise as he himself was a motorcyclist.
All in all, a very pleasant evening in very good company, now our next meet is at the Welcome Fryer in South Molton on the 31st July for 7pm for great fish and chips, then August 11th meet for our summer run with Roy at the Atlantic Village Bideford.
meaningful conversation

while the bikes rest

display put on for us!