Friday, 2 August 2019

Fish n chips 310719

Once again there was a good turnout for this the last fish and chips meet of 2019, Mike rode his bike but everyone else brought partners and cars. As usual the service was great and the food at usual high standard, the assembled company tried to alleviate all the problems of the world and their motorbikes and a good time was had by all.
Now the next run is August the 11th to meet at the Atlantic village Bideford,  though I see from Chris' notes in the mag that it now has a new name !, ( must have heard we were coming and so tried to lay a false trail!), after that we have our last evening meet this time at the Mitre in Witheridge on the 19th August, best double the glow worms for that meet as it will sadly be starting to get dark before the run home.
before the trawler arrived with the fish

smiles all round, must be enjoying themselves!.