Thursday, 15 August 2019

Summer run 110819

Sunday arrived with the promised rain and warning of showers throughout the day, in fact those of us from Tivvy had already been well doused before we even arrived at the Atlantic village top car park for this years 'summer' run. On arrival, Roy announced he was not happy with the petrol feed on his 250cc Honda and so he rushed back home to change mounts. After a while, a total of 9 riders were ready for the run and after a briefing from Roy, we all set off with Chris and myself bringing up the rear.
At 11, Roy lead us out of the car park and soon turned off to Littleham, then it was on to Bradworthy, Melland and Stoke before arriving at Hartland Quay for our lunch break, here 2 of our number had to leave us for home due to personal reasons whilst the remainder tucked into a good choice of meals.
After lunch, Roy led us through the badlands of Welcombe, ( perhaps bad lanes! ), then on to Clovelly cross, Wolsery Cross and Stibb cross ( everyone seems to be angry up there as they are all so cross!). Finally we turned up at Torrington common for a nice ice cream before we dispersed home.
Thanks to Roy for leading and to Chris joining me at the back, next months run is to start from Kirsty's kitchen at North Tawton not North Molton as stated on some of the uncorrected calendars you may ha
Darol contemplates the start

just a drying up shower!

lunch in the dry

Hartland Quay car park

Hartland with a touch of blue sky

an ice cream to finish, yummy!
ve, that will be on September 8th, but before then we have our last evening meet next Monday ( the 19th ) at the Mitre in Witheridge.