Monday, 11 November 2019

Guy Fawkes run 031119

As I was 'up North' at the time of this run, Iann has written this record of his run:.

Sunday 3rd November saw six members make their way to the start of Guy Fawkes ride at Oakhampton Station we then proceeded down the old A30 to Lewtrenchard  then on to Chillaton, Gulworthy,  into Cornwall over Gunnislake Bridge. Passing Kit Hill (no time to stop) onto Kelly Bray bypassing Launceston  to Lifton. We then lunched at Dingles. The rain soon appeared which decided three riders to make their own way home. The remaining three hardy ‘motorcyclist’ carried on passing Roadford Lake to Hallwell Junction, Highampton where the leader’s BMW (not so reliable) broke down, fortunately the ‘team’ diagnosed the problem to a failed condenser. Having a spare enabled us to proceed to Hatherleigh where all dispersed.
This being the last ride of the season we are all looking forward to next years excursions.

Thanks Iann, so that's it for this years runs, the committee meets next week to work out runs for next year, if anyone would like to organise and lead a run, please let it be known to Chris or any committee member.