Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Rays funeral 271019

Over 20 club members past and present attended Rays funeral on a dry but cold Monday, 12 of those on their motorbikes. We were all welcomed with tea, coffee and biscuits by members of the family who thanked us all for coming. At 11 am, I set off in the lead with Keith and Dermot ahead of Ray, the family had suggested quite a long ride around the town, some 5.5 miles before arriving at St Peters Church. I hear that my wife, Keith's wife, my Sister and others put themselves in the road as the cortege exited on to Cowleymoor road in order to stop the traffic until all the bikes and cars were out of Rays cul de sac ( well done ladies! ), the rest of the ride met with little disruption and we all arrived together at the Church. During the ride, it was suggested that Ray should experience a fast, final ride down a short distance of the link road so I stepped up to 50mph for that stretch.
We riders lined the path leading up to the Church before and after the service for Ray to pass between us, we were even individually given a kiss at the line out by one of Ray's Granddaughters!.
After a very meaningful service, we were invited to make our way to the Masonic hall for refreshments
The family have asked me to thank you all for attending and have expressed the feeling that we had added a very strong tribute in memory of Ray.

the riders assemble

bike problems discussed