Saturday, 25 November 2017

Christmas dinner 2017

the long table gets settled

Ray's ready but Dermot can't sit yet

wood panelling  like on a yacht!

draw prizes and a Christmas tree

Sandy has no worries, Dermot not so sure.

this end are camera shy

had to hide the 'tach I won as there
were better round the table!

first course over

now where did I put my speech

Dermot remembers a dream

Once again the year flies by and we are at the annual dinner, over 30 people attended the Town arms for this years event, judging by the conversation level, it seems it was enjoyed by all. I enjoyed my meal and hope everyone else did, it was quickly served and there was plenty of it. Dermot gave a run down of the years events and praised the committee for the planning and organising of runs and club evenings though he expressed disappointment at the numbers attending the latter. We are learning more of our Chairman of late as he has admitted recently to having once been moved to tears and today to having dreams!. Dermot then gave the answers to the quiz left on the table on our arrival and the winners were my wife Marilyn and I ( with heavy emphasis on the former! ). Mike announced the winners of the 3 cups available they were: pre war, John Boyd, post war, John Tribble and Foreign, Maurice Lay. Richard saw to the draw prizes of which there were many and the event came to a conclusion around 1500. Now an event like this does not go off so well without some hard work by many people, Chris produces the events calendar which is always available at our place settings, Richard has handled the main link with the Town arms and produced the menu etc, Mike has organised the trophies and had them engraved, and Dermot the speech and quiz; now here I must say that they are not alone as I happen to know that their better halves had more than a little input!, lastly of course the committee who are at the moment working very well together to make this section the success it is, well done all. I hope you all have a good Christmas and hope to see you at our next event which will be January 7th for the new years lunch at the Welcome Fryer South Molton.