Saturday, 18 November 2017

Club night 161117

13 members turned up to an excellent presentation by Dermot on the vision, construction and sailing of his yacht. We were able to see through photographs just how the boat was built in Malta and the problems encountered, then the tricky business of moving the completed yacht downhill to the harbour, followed by sea trials and finally the trips around the Med and over to the USA. All this was accomplished in 8 years, unfortunately, my invitation to join him on one of his cruises seems to have been lost in the post at the time!. However, we did learn that Dermot can be broken to tears but only apparently by Maltese customs officials!, Thanks Dermot for the evening.
We have been very fortunate to have had a very interesting and varied programme this year on club nights but unfortunately they have not been well attended, the committee have produced another interesting year next year and we would love to see the numbers climb to reflect the hard work put in.
Sadly, next month will be our last club night of the year, it will consist of a natter evening with mince pies and is on the 21st December, I would personally love it if you come along as I definately ate to many mince pies last year!.