Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Guy Fawkes run 051117

lunch time at Nomansland

lunch time banter

nice setting

I was unable to join the start of this run due to a long term engagement but I have Dermot's route notes and debrief. It seems around 13 riders  turned up at Okehampton station for this Guy Fawkes run organised and led by Dermot. With Ian and John agreeing to bring up the rear, the run set off to Exbourne on B3217 then Monkokehampton, Iddessleigh, Dowland and Dolton before crossing the A3124 to Riddlescombe, Ashrereigny, through Winkleigh, Morchard road and Morchard Bishop to Black Dog, ( Dermot has put Black Cat to see if I'm awake! ), then Thelbridge Cross to arrive at the lunch stop at Nomansland. Some rain was encountered during the morning run and judging by Keith's bike I would say quite a bit of mud too. I was able to join the riders at the Mount Pleasant pub where the talk was of the unfortunate mating attempt by a Velo on a honda which resulted on the two riders having to dismount unintentionally!. John appears to have had is bike fall over when his side stand slipped into a trough. However, it seems all were able to remount and ride away though Cyril rode for home as a precaution. 
The Mount Pleasant looked after us well, I say us as by now I had joined the run, and a good meal was enjoyed by all. Whilst enjoying the meal, the rains came heavily and after some discussion it was decided to stop the run here.
Thanks to Dermot for the run and to Ian and John agreeing to do back marshal duties, now we have a few months to attend to fettling our steads ready for next year, don't forget the Christmas lunch, this year at the Town Arms on November the 25th 12 noon, see Richard or Chris for places, your section would like to see you all there so ring and book now.